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Teaching Teamwork Through Youth Sports

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

There's no doubt that teamwork skills are essential for kids to learn as they grow up. This is why we implement specific lessons and activities in our programs that teach students how to practice teamwork, while also providing a fun environment through sports. The ability to communicate and collaborate within a team setting has countless benefits for youth such as increasing their social skills, self-confidence, and the power to work with others toward a common goal.

6 scenarios where we implement teamwork in our programs:

1. In both our Tennis and Volleyball programs, players are divided into groups according to their age and skill level. These groups must communicate and collaborate efficiently to compete against the other groups. As they work together as a team, students learn the essential teamwork skills needed to achieve a common goal.

2. Once players choose their teams, the coach reveals a reward that the team with the most points will get to win. The point system we utilize motivates our students to work together to win against the other teams. The reward could be getting to pick a game they can all play on the next class, getting a free pass for clean-up time, or playfully hitting coaches with the tennis balls or volleyballs.

3. Students get to play interactive games such as king of the court, jailbreak, target drills and several others. These games create match-playing environments that allow students to work with their team members to win, while also having fun at the same time.

4. Students are continuously encouraged by our coaches to help each other during the drills and games so they can win together as a team.

5. At the end of each class, students work with each other as a team to clean up and organize the equipment quickly and efficiently to ensure everyone can get to their parents or other extracurricular activities on time.

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