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Youth Sports & Leadership

Leadership is an essential skill for kids to develop as it instills confidence, teamwork abilities, and also helps them solve problems efficiently. More importantly, leaderships skills enable kids to practice responsibility and have control of their lives. While it's a debate whether kids are "natural-born leaders" or they learn to be leaders as they grow, we think it's safe to say that all children have the potential to develop leadership skills through activities such as group projects or sports.


Regardless of whether your child plans on playing sports or any activities that require a team, leadership is an important skill to teach at a young age. Being able to embrace a leadership mindset and lead others can help them become independent and develop entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, being a leader can be incredibility fulfilling when it comes to working towards an objective. Leading a team who is trying to achieve a collective goal always pays off in the end, while also giving the leader a sense of accomplishment, perseverance, and self-confidence.


Throughout the course of our seasons, we do our best to motivate players into showing leadership skills while participating in our activities. We give players the opportunity to lead by example and teach the class some of the skills they've learned and would like to show others. In addition, we encourage our long-term players that have returned for more seasons to take initiative and show their classmates leaderships skills. For example, they help our coaches with different tasks such as setting up, leading the warmup, showcasing skills and even helping other with their form.

Our coaches also choose team leaders during our classes, which helps our players feel like they have a responsibility to lead others. This sense of responsibility allows them to develop decision-making skills, positive thinking traits, and the determination to win as a team.

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